Rules Regulations

Discipline and Conduct
  1. Student are expected to carry school hand book every day with them.
  2. Students are expected to maintain the discipline of the school through out the year. They should also be punctual and regular in school.
  3. Students must come to school in proper uniform, shabby or improper uniform, disobedience to authorities, indecent language, fighting or bullying or any other indisciplinary action will not be tolerated.The school authorities can take disciplinary action for the misconduct and misbehavior of the student in and outside the school premises.
  4. Students are not allowed to bring valuable articles like expensive watches, jewellery, fancy stationary items etc. Mobile and other electronics items are strictly prohibited. If found it will be confiscated. The school will not be responsible for the lost items in the school premises by the students.
  5. The students should have belongingness for the school property. Spitting of ink, scribbling on school desk or walls, breaking of school furniture, stealing or damaging school property will be liable for fine and disciplinary action.
  6. Maintaining good hygiene, politeness of speech, use of good and courteous language is mandatory for all the students.
  7. Maintaining silence and discipline in the class in the absence of teacher is the prime responsibility of every student. Students roaming unnecessarily and without permission in the corridor during classes will not be tolerated.
Leaves and Absence
  1. A student must submit written leave application duly signed by parents in advance. In case of absence it shall be the responsibility of the parent/student to compensate the course covered.
  2. Leave shall not be granted if the attendance is below 80%.
  3. Leaves for more than 2 days shall not be allowed at a time.
  4. Application for sick leave may be validated with a medical certificate.
  5. School shall not be liable for the student’s daily progress on account of his absence from the school.
  6. Absence without permission for 10 consecutive days will make the student liable to have name stuck off from the register.
  7. No leave shall be granted on examination days except for any unavoidable circumstances, where, parents must get it sanctioned in person.
  8. No half-day leave shall be granted, In case of inevitability/urgency, parents have to come and take the child personally.
  9. When the student is sent out for competitions, games etc. by the school, his attendance will be marked present.
  10. Parents’ consent in written should be submitted in advance when the student has to go out of station for national level games.
Parental Cooperation
  1. Parents are requested to understand and follow the instructions given in the school daily as well as check the diary for any remark or use it for two way communication to and from the school.
  2. Parents are requested to follow the visiting schedule and keep in close touch with the teachers and the school authorities.
  3. Ensure that your ward prepare their lessons regularly and give sufficient time to studies at home. Also encourage your ward to get engaged in some creative activities like book reading, writing etc.
  4. Parents /Guardians or any visitors are not allowed to meet the students or teachers during the school hours without the permission of the Principal.
  5. The official complaints should be made directly to the school authorities and not to the teachers and other staff members.
  6. Bringing of Motor Vehicles is prohibited and under no circumstances will a student not having a valid driving license, be permitted to come to school by Motor Vehicle.
  7. Students coming late habitually shall be sent back home. Parents will be informed accordingly to take their child back home.
  8. Inspite of normal precautions taken by the school, in case of any accident, injury or mishap during the school hours, the institute or any member of the staff will not be wholly or partially responsible for it.
Special Note to Parent of Junior Section
  1. Each Child must carry his/her students Diary and ID card daily.
  2. Parents must ensure that the homework given should be done by the child himself and not by parents.
  3. Participation in competition should be taken seriously.
  4. Every belonging of the child must be marked for proper identification.
  5. EPC exams term card will be issued by the teacher, only when note books are completed and submitted by the students in time and are duly signed by the teacher.
Dining Hall
  1. Students are expected to maintain the cleanliness and decorum of the dining hall.
  2. Students are expected to participate in the prayer conducted before meals.
  3. Nutritious food is prepared for the children under total hygienic conditions daily. Students are expected to consume the complete food at least the first serving.
  4. Students are expected to observe the table manners in dining hall.
  1. Perfect silence and discipline should be maintained in the library.
  2. Students must carry their library cards with them regularly.
  3. Students must return the book on time in proper condition.
  4. Fine of Rs. 5/- per day will be charged on failure to return book on due date.
  5. In case of loss of any book charges for a new book will have to be paid.