House system

In following the pattern laid down by CBSE and to create a spirit of healthy competition and team work and to develop leadership skills amongst students LVN has created 4 houses, based on the Hindu principles of Gyan, Karma, Bhakti & Dharma. The details are as follows –

Gyan House

Gyan is to know, be aware of. It is knowledge, spiritual,religious, worldly-wise.

Karma House

Karma is actually the action, work, deed. It is the outcome of one’s deeds in the present& previous lives, which would decide one’s fate in future lives. It symbolizes the interlinking of cause & effect, a Karmic cycle that continues eternally.

Bhakti House

Bhakti means – attachment, participation, love, devotion. It is spiritual, a love and devotion to religious concepts and principles that engage both the emotion and the intellect. It connotes one of the possible paths to moksha, the ultimate liberation of the soul.

Dharma House

Dharma means the bearer, supporter, sustainer. It is the eternal law of existence that determines the right way of living depending on a set of duties, rights, laws, conductand virtues.

The 4 houses basically represent the values that LVN stands for – Bhakti or Devotion (to study & teaching) will get you Gyan or Knowledge through Dharma or the Righteous Way, which is your Karma or Job.

Each house has its own symbol & colour, represented on the sports clothes that the students wear on Wednesdays & Saturdays.Various inter-house competitions like sports, debate, painting, dance, speeches and other cultural and literary activities are held round the year.

Each house has a student council which has prefects according to the following order – House Captain, House Vice-Captain, House Junior Captain, House Sub-Junior-Captain, Literary Prefect, Discipline Prefect, Cultural Prefect, SportsPrefect. All these are led by the Head Girl & Head Boy of the school.