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LVN boasts of the best of the teachers in every subject for every class. Most of the teachers are B.Ed qualified besides their graduation & post-graduation degrees, and have also cleared their CTET. They keep themselves updated with the latest CBSE teaching guidelines by self-assessment & school conducted orientation programs and exams. Besides being good in their subjects, they also give their best for the overall development of the students. Most of the teachers being of the female gender, they bring a motherly & loving instinct on board. Following is the list of our good & great mentors -

S.No. Employee Name Educational_Qualification Designation
1 Sachin Bhate M.Sc Physics, B.Ed Principal
2 DeepikaDevasthali MA, Hindi, B, Ed Coordinator
3 ShraddhaMohanti MA, English, M.Phil, B, Ed, Ph.D Coordinator
4 PriyaLondhe M.Sc, B. Ed, DMLT PGT
5 Sunil Kellkar M.Sc, Chemistry PGT
6 Sushma Jog M. Com, B.Ed PGT
7 Santosh Dalal M.Sc, B.Ed PGT
8 GeetaKhemnani B.Com, MBA, B.Ed PGT
9 JanaviParwani M.Com, B.Ed, PGDM PGT
10 B L Choudhary M.Sc, B.Ed PGT
11 LokeshKesarwani BP-Ed, MP- Ed PGT
12 Deepak Jahagirdar M.Com, MA Physiology, M.Ed, PHD PGT
13 Anjali Zokarkar M.Sc (Double), B.Ed PGT
14 JayashreePuntambekar M. Sc TGT
15 Neeta Thipsay M.Sc, M.Lib, B.Ed TGT
16 Jaya Parmar MA, M.Phil Hindi, B. Ed TGT
17 Sapna Mishra Pandey B.Sc, MA English, PHD TGT
18 AnamikaSethi M.SC (Double), MA English, B. Ed TGT
19 Harshala Vyas M.Com, B.Ed TGT
20 AmitaKandhari B.Sc, MA, B.Ed TGT
21 NamniLondhe B.Com, MBA, B.Ed Coordinator
22 SmitaMudris M.Sc, B.Ed TGT
23 VidyaSatarkar MA, B.Ed TGT
24 Rajesh Vyas B.Sc, MCM TGT
25 Deepank Gaedwad B.Sc, B.Ed TGT
26 NutanKumayu M.Com, B.Ed TGT
27 Pramila Dhundale BA, B.Ed TGT
28 PrabhjyotS.Horar M.Com, MBA TGT
29 Madhavi Mairal MA (Double), B.Ed TGT
30 EktaRandive - TGT
31 Neha Bhatia B.Com, B.Ed,M.B.A. PRT
32 Prabal Sharma B.Com, B.Jou. PRT
33 VishakhaIndurkar B.Sc, B.Ed PRT
34 Surbhi Joshi B.A. B.Ed. PRT
35 Shilpa Dandawate B.Sc, M.A., B.Ed PRT
36 Swati Dorle B.Sc, B.Ed PRT
37 KavitaPendharkar M.A.(Vocal), B.Ed PRT
38 Neha Vyas B.Com, M.A.(Fine Arts) PRT
39 Jyoti Kothari B.A., Diploma Arts,B.Ed PRT
40 Medhavi Panwar B.Com, B.P.Ed. PTI
41 Anshika Pathak B.Sc, M.A.(Dance) PRT
42 Ruchi Mungi B.Com, B.P.Ed. PTI
43 Yogeshwar Kanhere M.Com PRT
44 Abhishek Salke B.Mus.(Tabla) PRT
45 Madhavi Apamarjane B. Sc, Montessori Trained Coordinator
46 Shraddha Kondejkar B.HSc.,Mont. Trained PRT
47 Megha Abhyankar B.A. , Montessori Trained PRT
48 Snehal Oturkar BFA,Montessori Trained PRT
49 Harsha Vikhe M.Com, Montessori Trained PRT
50 Janhvi Deo B.A. ,Montessori Trained PRT
51 Varsha Panjabi B.Com, Montessori Trained PRT
52 Namrata Dindorkar M.Com B.Ed PRT
53 Sonam Rughwani B.Sc, Montessori Trained PRT
54 Vidhya Jain B.Com, Montessori Trained PRT
55 Dhanshree Khargonkar B.Com , B.Ed PGT
56 Sonali Dharmadhikari B.Sc PRT

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