Community service

1) SEWA DIWAS - 2nd October, Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated every year as Sewa Diwas by LVN which advocates the values of Sharing & Caring. "Joy of Giving" is a philanthropic service that aims to inculcate the values of gratitude for what we have and a feeling of sharing with those who are needy. LVN itself contributes a lot monetarily and co-ordinates donations from philanthropic societies, residents of Lokmanya Nagar and the students (who ever arewilling) of LVN to arrange clothes, stationary, books, food itemsand medicines for deaf & dumb schools, adivaasi chhatravaas, orphanages and hostels of abandoned kids. The students & teachers of LVN spend an entire day with them to understand their problems, their way of living, the shortages in their livesand gift them the various items arranged for them, have food with them and promise to help them in their general upliftment in life.

2) Plantations - The school organises various plantation programs regularly to bring environmental awareness in the students. The students visit various nurseries to gain knowledge of various useful herbs, plants, trees, flowers and fruits. They plant saplings in school premises and nearby surroundings. Awareness rallies are also organized from time to time.

3) Environment Rally - Keeping the motto of being trustees of nature in mind the students of school take out rallies from time to time to spread awareness on environmental protection holding placards and explaining the need of maintaining ecological balance to the general public. Various campaigns on'Water Conservation', 'Solid Waste Management' , 'Adaptation to Climate Change', 'Keep our Resources Clean' are also conducted by school.

4) Swasth Indore, Swachh Indore - The school supports and promotes the cleanliness drive and maintenance of hygiene in every possible way. As part of 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan' various competitions like drawing, poster making, slogan writing, essay writing etc. are organized by school under the aegis of Swacchta Sarvekshan Indore where the students participate with full zeal. The school also established a Swacchta Committee under which meetings are conducted fortnightly on various aspects of cleanliness like 'Clean Water &Hygiene', 'Sanitization' etc. The students also took Swacchtaa Oath under Sahodaya group as per CBSE instructions.

5) LVN was awarded a certificate of appreciation from Indore Municipal Corporation towards the promotion of Swachch Bharat Mission Campaign and was also awarded the Shreshtha Me Shershtha in Swachhtaa Ranking by the Quality Council of India

6) Compost - LVN has a compost plant since last 6 years to make students aware of the importance of utilisation of food wastage and discarded leaves & plants. Organic manure & fertiliser required for all the plants & trees & garden of LVN & Lokmanya Nagar are provided for by this compost plant. It helps in contributing towards eco-friendly environment.