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Blessings to the young achievers
Dear Young Achievers, Lots of blessings to all the achievers for making the school and your parents proud with shining result in class XII Board Examination. Kudos to your zeal, High applaud for your determination command your passion, Let your Dreams be filled with high appeal. Open your wings and rise _Enrich yourselves & be Fearless amidst this time_ . Congratulations & Best Wishes Team LVN
Blessings to the young achievers
Team LVN feels proud of the 100% result of classXII, Science & Commerce stream both. Blessings to the young achievers.
"Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil." With noble aim of holistic development of students team L. V. N announces the admission open.
The authorities of the school selected few students for monitoring the language and communication of their friends. These students will get badges for the task and appreciation and accolades after the successful completion of the target. This is an initiative taken by the school to improve the communication skills of the students.